You said….

   You said 
That you wouldn’t leave me 

Now I’m dead 

Alone in this cage that you can’t see 

It’s a shame 

That you cut me off like she did. 

Why am I to blame? 

For showing the lies she hid. 

You said 

That you would always be here 

Now I’m dead 

Consumed by the neverending fear…. 

My heart 

Is shrinking from this hate.

It’s tearing me apart.

What if it’s too late?

You said….

That you were my friend. 

Now I’m dead… 

Just a person you couldn’t defend….


Some things you can’t change 

   Some things you can’t change. 
Some people won’t change. 

But the world around you will. 

Some things you can’t stop

Some people won’t stop 

But some hearts will

Some people you can’t lose 

Some people will lose you 

But I don’t want to be one of them 


I remember the days 

Where we were happy 

But I remember the nights 

Where we fell apart 

I heard the lies 

That brought us together 

And now I speak the truth 

That pulls us away 

I love the friends 

That I made

I hate the  people 

Who now leave 

Because all I did 

Was try to save them



She will leave quicker than I 

She struggles to keep the lie

She will leave out of anger and hate 

While I will leave out of pain and distrust 

Which one is more important to you 

The one with a twisted mind? 

Or the one with a torn up heart?

Either way… This is tearing you apart.

I never meant to hurt you 

I just wanted to tell you what’s true. 

I don’t want to go away 

But it’s obvious that you don’t want me to stay 

You all picked the liar 

Who’s pants burn like fire 


I will soon say goodbye too

If you don’t believe me when I show you the ugly truth 

Then I will leave , and join the other youth 

I will be gone , I’m not going to stay 

When you throw me astray. 

I matter just like any other 

But it hurts to see one another 

In such anger and hate 

When I’m trying to set things strait. 

I try too hard to keep the you 

I will soon say goodbye too. 


What can I? 

How can I say 

That I want to stay 

When my friends won’t believe me

And they refuse to see 

How can I stay 

When they’ve already thrown me away

What can I do 

To try and save you

From being broken 

By the lies that were spoken 

What can I do… 

What can I say….. 

It doesn’t matter, you don’t want me anyway.